Tuesday, October 6, 2020
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Prestige Class

After having lost the German GP to Taddy Blazusiak, Billy Bolt came in strong. He opened the night with the Super Pole victory and continued to do so during the Heats. Despite he had a bad start and felt far behind in the 2nd Heat, Brit managed to win every single final of the night and completed the night with 63 points in A Coruña. He also took back the overall lead as a result.

Taddy Blazusiak on the other hand felt far behind from his German GP performance. He finished 1st heat with P2 and had a good start at the 2nd, reverse grid. While he and His teammate Jonny Walker were leading the second heat it was Blazusiak who made the first mistake and felt behind. Because Billy was still further behind it was likely that Walker was up to his first ever Heat win of the season. Not far from the finish line Walker ended up with a mistake too and lost his position to Bolt. In the 3rd Heat nothing was any different and KTM duo had to yield Billy as it was his night.

Junior Class

The overall leader Ty Cullins had an absolute nightmare and experienced his worst GP. Having a lot of crashes and mistakes American could neither found the confidence nor the pace he needed.

It was Teodor Kabakchiev’s night, he won the 2nd and had two P2s in the 1st and 3rd heat. The Bulgarian won his first GP of the season. Leon Hentschel finished the night with P2 and Adrien Jacon P3.

Post-Race Comments

Billy BOLT: “Taddy set the bar high in Germany, and I didn’t perform well at all, so I really wanted to take ‘revenge’ here in Spain tonight and pull back some points in the Championship. I’m surprised this track suited me, I think it was because it was so slippery, and I’m really happy to come back with a win after being disappointed in Riesa. I just tried to avoid mistakes as much as I could.”

Jonny WALKER: “Tonight went well for me, I got good starts. I did stall the bike a few times but I was riding solidly and doing good lines. I didn’t make too many mistakes and I learned the track quickly, it meant I was able to come 2nd behind Billy, he was unstoppable tonight.”

Taddy BLAZUSIAK: “The track was very technical so you couldn’t race hard, you had to be cautious and try not to make mistakes. In the second race I had a couple of weird get-offs, and I struggled a bit. But in the end I’m happy with 3rd, despite the mistakes, I’m not far behind in the championship and it could’ve been worse tonight. Billy is riding really well, but I’m ready for Budapest.”

Spanish GP Results and Overall Classifications

Prestige Class:

Final 1 : 1. Billy BOLT ; 2.Taddy BLAZUSIAK; 3.Jonny WALKER; 4.Alfredo GOMEZ ; 5.Tim APOLLE

Final 2 : 1. Billy BOLT ; 2.Jonny WALKER ; 3.Alfredo GOMEZ; 4.Taddy BLAZUSIAK; 5. Will HOARE

Final 3 : 1.  Billy BOLT ; 2.Jonny WALKERAlfredo GOMEZ; 3.Taddy BLAZUSIAK ; 4.Alfredo GOMEZ; 5. Blake GUTZEIT

Provisionnal classification: 1. Billy BOLT 169pts ; 2. Taddy BLAZUSIAK 163 pts ; 3. Jonny WALKER 136pts ; 4. Alfredo GOMEZ 126pts ; 5. Blake GUTZEIT 89pts.

Junior Class :

Final 1 : 1. Dominik OLSZOWY  ; 2. Teodor KABAKCHIEV; 3.Leon HENTSCHEL; 4. Raul GUIMERA ; 5. Adrien JACON

Final 2 : 1. Teodor KABAKCHIEV ; 2.Milan SCHMUESER ; 3. Leon HENTSCHEL. ; 4. Adrien JACON; 5. Dominik OLSZOWY

Final 3 : 1. Milan SCHMUESER  ; 2. Teodor KABAKCHIEVLeon HENTSCHEL ; 3. Adrien JACON; 4.Alessandro AZZALINI ; 5. Dominik OLSZOWY.

Provisionnal classification : 1.  Leon HENTSCHEL 138 pts ; 2.Ty CULLINS  133 pts ; 3. Teodor KABAKCHIEV 125 pts ; 4.Adrien JACON 121pts ; 5. Milan SCHMUESER  76pts…

Spanish GP Track Review with Pol Tarres

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