Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Hard/Extreme Enduro



Race day started with a chilly rain which caused a 30 minutes delay of AM race.

Having a lot of high talents at the starting line-up, PM race was the main show for the day. It started right after AM race and witnessed a lot.

Defending champion of 2019 season Jonny Walker put a great challenge against Billy Bolt and chased his tail for more than one hour. Later on he lost his pace but still he was the only one, except Billy Bolt, to complete 9 laps in total.

Billy Bolt shined all race long and hammered each laps against his rivals. At the end of the day he came in on top by more than 6 minutes clear from Jonny Walker.

It was Taddy “The Legend” Blazusiak who completed the podium for the day. This trio also having fun times against each other at the FIM’s Super Enduro GP this season.

Valleys Xtreme 2020 winner Paul Bolton came in P4 behind Blazusiak.

Post-Race Comments

Billy Bolt “Really happy how the day went. Super nice to come home and race for the home crowd who were going crazy today. It is really nice to see so many kids and having such a good time. I was really happy about me and Jonny were battling quite a bit for at least half of the race. Every time I made a mistake he was there and pushing me hard. I guess after the fuel stop I relived a bit, don’t know what happened but I just tried to ride my race, pick my lines and stayed out of trouble. Really happy to take the win of a real nice race with a good lead.”

Jonny Walker “To be honest I wasn’t going to race as I have been ill and the morning of the race I was thinking to not race and save myself for the indoor (referring Super Enduro, GP Spain) next week. But because it’s a home race for me I wanted to see how it went. 1st half of the race was a nice battle with Billy but then towards the end I had nothing left and knew I had a good gap over Taddy so just rode around to the finish.”

ACU British Extreme Rd 1 – PM Event Results

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