Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Hard/Extreme Enduro

British Extreme Championship Round 2 Postponed due to Severe Weather Conditions

British Extreme Championship Round 2 was bound to happen this Sunday (3rd of February) at Cowm Quarry. We even witnessed some of the riders including Jonny Walker (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) arrived earlier for training.

A written announcement from Chris Parkes (Fast Eddy Racing) just got in which tells, due to the severe weather conditions they had to postpone Round 2. The new date of the event is 3rd of March, 2019.

A cold weather system arrived in on Monday and it just got worse till then. Icy conditions along with the heavy snow made it too dangerous to race there, “Even walking is impossible” said one official. They have apologized from all by saying “I am the bearer of bad tidings. The weather has made the track too dangerous so we are going to have to postpone the event until 3rd March. I can only apologize it has been taken out of our hands.” 


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