Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Hard/Extreme Enduro

BRITISH EXTREME – Round 1 TONG – What A Start To The Year For Graham Jarvis!

British Extreme Enduro championship kicked off this weekend at the Parkwood Off Road Centre, Tong, Bradford. Having Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Paul Bolton, Travis Teasdale and William Hoare (MAXXIS FIM SuperEnduro Junior Class Leader) at the line-up was enough excitement to the enduro enthusiasts who gathered up there in a chilly British morning.

The race run in two sessions and the P.M. session had all the heat at the excitement department. Jonny Walker had a good start and pushed really hard while he is still strong but having Graham Jarvis up his tail since the start it was only a matter of time loss. After e few laps Walker had slow pit stop and that moment Jarvis took the lead over and kept it till the finish flag. Walker had tried to catch but it wasn’t an easy job, he finished P2.

Paul Bolton on the other hand had a fairly good start but only after a minute a crash dropped him almost to the last in the Championship class. Then after he had his rhythm and covered enough to finish by completing the weekend’s podium for the day, P3.

Eurutek KTM’s new rider Travis Teasdale finished the day P4.

Round 2 will be happening on 3rd of February at Cowm Quarry Whitworth, Rochdale.

After Stage Comments

Graham Jarvis

“I Was faster than normal so that makes the win even better. I was surprised to win to be honest.”

Jonny Walker

“Tong was good, really enjoyed the track and I’m really happy to finish 2nd. I pushed hard at the start of the race while I was strong but after a slow pit stop, I lost Graham and from then on I just raced my own race and was so happy to 2nd.”

Paul Bolton

“I got a good start then after about 1 minute I crashed and lost some time so I was almost last in the pros. This meant I had to work really hard to get back to the front. My first 3 laps where shocking and this is where I lost the time to Jarvis and Jonny but really happy that I could push hard all the race. Roll on the tough one then Round 2 of British Extreme Series.“

P.M. Race Results

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