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Super Enduro

Colton Haaker Won the Night of Drama!

3rd Round of the 2019 Season SPANISH GP Took Place at Caja Magica in Madrid.

Akrapovic Super Pole

At the first event of the night the battle between the top three contenders was so close. Colton Haaker clinched his second super pole win by only 0.305 seconds.

Prestige Class

Prestige class started pretty clean at the Final 1 and Colton Haaker (US-Husqvarna) won by 7 seconds clear from Taddy Blazusiak (POL-KTM). Overall classification leader Cody Webb (US-KTM) finished with 3rd.

But with the reversing grid, Final 2 turned out to be the start of the drama night. Kevin Gallas (GER- Husqvarna) took a good start and gone off pretty quick but only after the 2nd turn he had a huge mistake and couldn’t manage to pass over second tank. He rolled back and that set the scene for carnage. Except five of them, including Cody Webb, all the riders trapped between two tanks. Taddy and Colton mixed up after a little crash and spent more time to get back in racing. They were the last two riders when they returned. Both Taddy and Colton fought their way up as they got close to the finish line. Before the last turn it was Colton, Pol Tarres (ESP- TTR Husqvarna) and Taddy fighting for P2 but as Colton did a little mistake Tarres took the position back and gone away while Taddy and Colton found themselves in a shoulder to shoulder fight. They collide in the air and that was the scariest moment of the night. Taddy stayed on the ground for a while and received some support from the staff but thankfully he turned back. However, Taddy was announced that he finished P4, race control decided later that his bike didn’t pass the line and he had zero point.

Final 2 Finish Line Collusion – Taddy & Colton

Final 3 had more to offer though. Both Colton, Taddy and Cody had a good position as they were reaching to the first obstacle. Colton had a better line and put himself in lead. Taddy and Cody meanwhile were shoulder to shoulder. Upon a little collision I guess Taddy found himself on the ground. He managed to come back on track later on when it was 2`30“ left on the clock. Cody Webb on the other hand kept pushing and the battle was really close with Colton. At the start of 4th lap he suddenly stopped right after he passed the first obstacle due to a broken chain. He moved to the side-lines and tried to fix it on his own in search of as much as points he might recover. Cody returned to race at the very last seconds of extra lap. Alfredo Gomez (ESP-Husqvarna) finished the final 3 with P2 and David Leonov (RUS-Husqvarna) with P3.

1-Colton Haaker  2-Cody Webb 3-Pol Tarres

Junior Class

The overall classification leader William Hoare (GB-Husqvarna) won both 1st and 3rd finals and had a great come back at the 2nd. He passed the first obstacle with P9 at the Final 2 but he was on fire and that great careful run had him clinched P3 at the very last seconds. This was his second GP win for the season.

1-William Hoare 2-David Cyprian 3-Leon Hentschel

Scott Best Lap

Cody Webb – Prestige Class

William Hoare – Junior Class

After Event Comments

Colton Haaker

 “It’s been a long season so far for me, long coming… I wasn’t trying to get too excited. 2-3rd places were slightly gizmo performances for me but I thought `man Taddy and Cody riding super good anyway` so these guys stayed in and in it. I don’t know what happened to Cody, I saw a broken chain on the track and so I just assumed and I don’t know what happened to Taddy at all. It was a roller coaster of emotions Today, I mean I won the Super Pole and then the first one was great and then the second one had complete carnage in that. Taddy and I got into and then you know it was a roller coaster with ups and downs. I am stoked on a high note for myself in the race period. I am not happy with what happened to Cody or Taddy by any means, I want to race those guys till the end. It’s a bummer for them and so I guess that’s just racing.”

Prestige Class:

Heat 1 : 1. Colton HAAKER ; 2. Taddy BLAZUSIAK ; 3. Cody WEBB ; 4. Diogo VIEIRA ; 5. Blake GUTZEIT ; 6. Xavi LEON SOLE ; 7. Pol TARRES ; 8. Kevin GALLAS ; 9. Alfredo GOMEZ ; 10. Cristobal GUERRERO…

Heat 2 : 1. Cody WEBB ; 2. Pol TARRES ; 3. Colton HAAKER ; 4. Diogo VIEIRA ; 5. Alfredo GOMEZ ; 6. Blake GUTZEIT ; 7. Xavi LEON SOLE ; 8. Cristobal GUERRERO ; 9. Kevin GALLAS ; 10. Jose Maria JUAN BERNABEU…

Heat 3 : 1. Colton HAAKER ; 2. Alfredo GOMEZ ; 3. David LEONOV ; 4. Blake GUTZEIT ; 5. Xavi LEON SOLE ; 6. Pol TARRES ; 7. Cristobal GUERRERO ; 8. Diogo VIEIRA ; 9. Jose Maria JUAN BERNABEU ; 10. Kevin GALLAS…

Super Pole Akrapovic: 1. Colton HAAKER; 2. Cody WEBB; 3. Taddy BLAZUSIAK…

provisional Classification : 1. Colton HAAKER 159pts ; 2. Cody WEBB 146pts ; 3. Taddy BLAZUSIAK 128pts ; 4. Pol TARRES 90pts ; 5. Alfredo GOMEZ 80pts. 6. Diogo VIEIRA 76pts ; 7. Kevin GALLAS 76pts ; 8. Blake GUTZEIT 74pts ; 9. Xavi LEON SOLE 59pts ; 10. Cristobal GUERRERO 55pts…

Junior Class:

Heat 1 : 1. William HOARE ; 2. Norbert JOSZA LEVENTE ; 3. David CYPRIAN ; 4. Tim APOLLE ; 5. Dominik OLSZOWY. 6. Teodor KABAKCHIEV. 7. Leon HENTSCHEL ; 8. Enrico RINALDI ; 9. Diego HERRERA ; 10. Andris GRINFELDS…

Heat 2 : 1. David CYPRIAN ; 2. Leon HENTSCHEL ; 3. William HOARE ; 4. Tim APOLLE ; 5. Adrien JACON ; 6. Teodor KABAKCHIEV ; 7. Norbert JOSZA LEVENTE ; 8. Diego HERRERA ; 9. Ivan PUEYO GIL ; 10. Enrico RINALDI…

Heat 3 : 1. William HOARE ; 2. Leon HENTSCHEL ; 3. Teodor KABAKCHIEV ; 4. Tim APOLLE ; 5. David CYPRIAN ; 6. Diego HERRERA ; 7. Enrico RINALDI ; 8. Dominik OLSZOWY ; 9. Ivan PUEYO GIL ; 10. Adrien JACON…

provisional Classification  : 1. William HOARE 167pts ; 2. Tim APOLLE 124pts ; 3. David CYPRIAN 119pts ; 4. Leon HENTSCHEL 98pts ; 5. Norbert JOSZA LEVENTE 86pts ; 6. Diego HERRERA 86pts ; 7. Dominik OLSZOWY 65pts ; 8. Teodor KABAKCHIEV 65pts ; 9. Ivan PUEYO GIL 45pts ; 10. Enrico RINALDI 41pts…

Next Round – Hungarian GP at Budapest/ Papp Laszlo Sportarena on 9th of February, 2019

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