Wednesday, November 16, 2022

DAKAR Daily – STAGE 9 – What a Shiny Day For Michaël Metge and Sherco TVS!

Stage 9 was a 96 KM road section and 313 KM of competitive stage mileage combination of a 409 KM loop one from Pisco.

A shocking news hit Sam Sunderland (KTM) before the stage, he has been issued a one-hour penalty due to the Yesterday’s problem with his tracking system.

Michael Metge (FRA-SHERCO TVS) got his first ever Dakar stage win by only two minutes clear from Daniel Nosilga Jager (BOL-MEC HRC). Pablo Quintanilla (CHL) finished 3rd quickest.

Toby Price (AUS) being the in the overall lead, he had to keep his eyes on Pablo Quintanilla (CHL) and Matthias Walkner (AUT). Without a need to push hard Price had a strategic ride today finishing 5th by dropping only one second to Quintanilla.

Total Distance Covered – 5,171 KM

Distance to Cover at Stage 10 – 359 KM

Pre-Stage Comments

Sam Sunderland

“Yea I’m a bit annoyed to be honest, I got one-hour penalty Yesterday for some political rubbish. Anyway, sometimes this is how the sport. I really disappointed about it and I feel like I did a really good race. So, I just keep focusing until the end, my goal is to ride to the finish, if I can help out the boys I will so we see how it goes.”

After Stage Comments

Michael Metge

“The day was intense but could not be better …First victory on the Dakar!”

Toby Price

“Another crazy mass start today with challenging conditions, just 100 KM to go and a minute separating the lead. We’re in for a crazy end to the toughest Dakar I’ve ever raced!”

Pablo Quintanilla

“Less than 1 day and just 1 minute… With the same enthusiasm and energy that at the first day, or even more, Today I prepare my things to start Tomorrow for the last stage of this Dakar rally. Besides giving everything to fulfill my goal, which has always been a dream, every day that passes I enjoy and I appreciate this great opportunity to be where I am. Always value what you have, you never know how long it will last, and above all things, never stop dreaming… Dreams are fulfilled if one proposes, pursues and gives everything for them!”

Matthias Walkner

“Another great but totally crazy day! My ankle is hurting so bad and I’m on my limit. I’m so happy when it’s over tomorrow! There are too many stories I could tell every day I‘m not really fighting for the title anymore but a podium would be awesome too! Everyday anything can happen, so even I‘m sitting on a safe 3rd place there is one more day. One more day where everything can change again. Thanks for your great support”

Stage 9 Classification

Overall Classification After Stage 9


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