Friday, November 18, 2022
Hard/Extreme Enduro


Hard Enduro Arsenal is a fairly small eastern European hard enduro race happening in the beautiful Romanian town of Costeşti, 100km west of Bucharest.

Race Weekend Program

Day 1 – Prologue – 15KM

Day 2 – Hard Enduro – 85KM

Day 3 – Hard Enduro – 45KM

The 3-day race weekend started on Friday with a fast prologue of 15km.

As being the most favorite rider on the grid, Rockstar Husqvarna rider Alfredo Gomez won the prologue. David Cyprian came in P2 and Sonny Goggia P3.

Riders were to take on the 85km single track on Day 2. This was again a fast day due to lack of rain and the track being dry. Gomez again completed on top. He is followed by Norbert-Levente Jozsa and Teodor Kabakchiev.

The last day of the race witnessed a chaotic navigation fail for the front runners including Alfredo Gomez, Teodor Kabakchiev and Sonny Goggia. The group took a wrong turn after CP3 and went directly to the finish line without passing through CP4 and CP5.

As a result they received penalties which vanished the podium expectation for the edition.

David Cyprian found himself on the top of the overall podium in the end. He is accompanied by Rienk Jan Tuinstra (P2) and Dieter Rudolf (P3).

Post Race Comments

David Cyprian “So, I won. I didn’t have a leader’s pace; I was struggling with my physical and mental condition. My knee is still weak and I need to work extra hours to get back to where I was a year ago. Today I was lucky to find the correct track and made it through all the CPs and win. Well done to everyone. It was a hard race.”

Teodor Kabakchiev “Arsenal Hard Enduro finished. It was a really good battle with the boys. P3 in Saturday race and fighting for better on Sunday. However, a problem with the track marking got us all out of the podium, we got heavily penalized. Not a good feeling after so much effort but when there isn’t GPS control it is hard to know if you are riding on the correct track or not. Overall, I am happy with my performance, I am getting better and better each race, moving forward!”


Photo Credit: Marius Dinca

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