Wednesday, November 16, 2022


The ultimate rally challenge Dakar kicked off Today from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. First stage was a 213 km special stage with some of every bits you would expect from a rally. Unlike a soft warm-up start it really kicked all competitors into the mood at once.

Toby Price showed up strong as expected and finished the day on top by just 5 seconds faster than Ricky Brabec of Honda. It was Matthias Walkner who completed the top 3 for the day.

Post-Race Comments

Toby Price “A solid start to our 2020 Dakar Rally! I had a few issues with my roadbook, something got jammed early on so I was really trying to get this sorted by adjusting the toggle switch throughout the stage as well as focusing on the task at hand but then later the roadbook actually tore so I didn’t have a roadbook for the last bit of the stage. Our end result makes the day look good but it certainly did not go smoothly, we’ve got another 11 days to go with a lot more challenges ahead of us!”

Ricky Brabec “Hoping to come across more days like this with the rocks and technical terrain we crossed through today. Not many dunes today but gotta keep fuel in the tank for when they come. Tomorrow is super marathon with some tricky navigation, focused to get to the end of day 3 healthy.”

Matthias Walkner “It took me a while to find a good rhythm. I’m satisfied with the 3rd place but Today we got a first taste of what‘s coming in the next days. Big rocks, sand, flat light, new rules, …. Well, it’s gonna be very interesting and exciting days!”

Stage Results

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