Wednesday, November 16, 2022
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Steve Holcombe (GBR-Beta), the quadruple World Champion, had an amazing Day 1 at the German GP and won 8 specials. At the end of the day he was on top of the overall standings by 67 seconds clear from the quickest rival, Danny McCanney (GBR-TM).

Without being a serious threat to Holcombe, McCanney won 2 specials and seemed comfortable with his new bike. His pace helped him finished before Bred Freeman (GBR-Beta) and kept hopes high for the final day.

Freeman was really comfortable in the morning session and was in second place but by the time went on he lost his pace and found himself fighting for P3 with Christophe Nambotin (FRA- GAS GAS).

Alex Salvini (ITA-Honda) and Eero Remes (FIN-Yamaha) were the unfortunates of the Day 1.

Salvini had a coolant hose problem and couldn’t make it on time for the next control which consequently cost him a 4 minute time penalty. Salvini finished the day with P25 by more than 7 minutes clear from the winner.

While Remes was in fight for a possible podium he was forced to give up upon a broken chain. This DNF was in Loïc Larrieu’s (FRA-TM) favor, he finished the day with P5 with his new team&bike.


Post-Race Comments;

Steve HOLCOMBE  (GBR-Beta)

“This victory is great for me because it is the result of my hard work of winter and all my pre-season preparation. I was not very good at the beginning of the day, opening the track was really not easy. I took my time to find my lines and I am surprised at my final result, I did not think i’d get such a big gap.”


“I’m really happy, I feel great in my new team and my bike suits me perfectly. I had a good day, I was able to increase the pace gradually. I was confident and did not make any mistakes. I was able to catch Brad, but Steve was really out of reach today. I hope to attack even more tomorrow.”


“The day started well, but like Steve I suffered with opening the track. I made a couple of mistakes and even though I fought with Danny, I remain confident about my potential.”

Eero REMES (FIN- Yamaha)

“I was fighting for the podium, I felt very good all day. But at one point I felt that something was wrong with the bike. I broke my chain, it’s disappointing but it’s part of racing. I feel that I can do well with this new bike, I am confident for the season.”

Alex SALVINI (ITA-Honda)

“Today was a mess, I felt great and I could fight at the front. Before the Cross Test I found that the bike was getting super hot. My mechanic found a problem with the radiator hose. I had to repair it before leaving the paddock. It cost me a lot of time. I lost focus and crashed in each of the 5 tests that followed. I have a little bit of pain everywhere but I am confident. We still have to work on the bike, but I believe in my possibilities this season.”


“I’m really happy with this win, Wil impressed me last night during the Super Test, but today it was my turn to show what I can do. I want to dedicate this victory to my Dad who left us at this time last year.”

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