Thursday, May 20, 2021
Hard/Extreme Enduro



After the last minute cancellation of the Round 1 Extreme XL Lagares’s main race, FIM World Hard Enduro Championship received a second shock.

The 8-Round championship’s inaugural season was to continue with round two Red Bull Erzbergrodeo early in the June. With the rumors already out it became official that the beloved challenge cancelled this morning.

After the implementation of the new Covid-19 regulations in late April by Austrian government, both organizer and promoter overworked to keep the event going. After a certain point it became clear to all parties that it is impossible to hold Red Bull Erzbergrodeo 2021.

This announcement also came along with the dates of 2022 edition. Red Bull Erzbergrodeo 2022 will be held in between 16-19 June 2022.

As part of the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo COVID-19 guarantee, all registered participants will be reimbursed their entire entry fee without any deductions. The same applies to all fans who have already purchased an entry ticket or a VIP ticket for the 2021 event.

“Compliance with the new regulations and guidelines of the Austrian federal government makes it impossible to hold the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo 2021. We fought to the end and played through every possible scenario. In the end all we have to do is to cancel the race. We are now looking to the future and are fully focused on the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo 2022. I would like to thank all participants, partners, supporters and our crew for the unbridled enthusiasm for the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo. We will return in full strength in 2022 and celebrate the extreme enduro sport in Eisenerz together with dirtbike athletes and fans from all over the world.”  Karl Katoch, Event & Promotion Manager of Red Bull Erzbergrodeo

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