Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Hard/Extreme Enduro

Graham Jarvis Wins Michelin Tough One Extreme Enduro TT – What a Flawless Year!

The day started with a fairly good weather conditions but the track was really heavy at the Nantmawr Quarry.

Main race for the Pros started around 13:00 (GMT) after they had examined the track. With this new format they had to run 9 sprint laps on the clock in 3 hours window.

Today’s Victor Graham Jarvis was calm at the early sprints and he put a stable performance for each try, which put him on the top at the end of the day by 1′ 25” clear from Jonny Walker. This was his 3rd consecutive win in 3 weeks. He also had the fastest sprint for the day with his 08′ 41” performances at the sprint 6 and 7.

Jonny Walker was really quick at the first lap and fought till the end but beating Graham especially when he is on fire wasn’t quite possible at the main race. Jonathan Richardson was the 3rd fastest of the main race and looked really strong at his pace and he completed the podium.

Paul Bolton was in the podium battle and was having a great run till the 7th sprint, in which he had an unfortunate crash and lost some time there. He also lost some more in the last run when he reached to a blocked hill climb. As a result, he came short and finished the day with P4.

Michelin Tough One Super Race

This year’s format brought another change to the race. The fastest 6 of the Pro riders were to run another 3 laps race which organisation named “Fist Full of Dollars”. That action was to brought extra fun to the audience and it nailed it. Jonathan Richardson led the race till the 3rd lap but an unfortunate failure took him out of the race.  This time Jonny Walker carried himself to the top of the ladder and clinched the victory. Graham Jarvis finished with P2 and Paul Bolton with P3.

Post Race Comments

Graham Jarvis

“I was surprised! My first sprint race win. The format worked well and it was harder than I thought. The speeds were higher.”

Jonny Walker

“Really happy with another 2nd place! Graham is on fire, so to be 2nd to him is not bad. I made a lot off mistakes but had a lot of fun as well, track was good and so was the new format. Happy to get a win in the Michelin Tough One Super Race – Dash for Cash!”

Jonathan Richardson

“Loved the new Tough 1 set up! I didn’t think the sprint system would suit me but brought her home in 3rd! Led the super final until the last lap on the final hill, but unfortunately I lost the gear leave stuck in 4th so had no power! Gave it my all for Michelin Tough One Super Race – Dash for Cash! Just gutted not to take the win! All in all just loving riding my bike at the moment.”

Paul Bolton

“Had an awesome day today on the new bike at the WOR Events’ Tough One. Rode my socks off and stayed in the lead for the first 3 tests, then stayed in top 3 despite a crash in test 7. Final test 9 I just needed a safe run to make the podium but I was unlucky to reach a fully blocked climb, both ways up had riders fully stuck. Lost 50 secs and dropped to 4th. But that’s racing! Had amazing support from spectators! It was a super challenging course, great for training and the dash for cash finale was good fun, reaching 3rd.”




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