Saturday, March 30, 2019
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Jonny Walker wins the British Extreme Round 2

Round 2 Cowm Quarry welcomed all competitors and fans on a chilly British day. The track, which is naturally hard enough with rocky surface, became even worse with rain.

With Graham Jarvis’s absence the race was bound to be competed between Jonny Walker, Paul Bolton, Jonathan Richardson and Travis Teasdale. Right after the start Walker got the early lead but it wasn’t for so long. Walker had a crash at the end of first lap which caused him some time and he lost the lead to Paul Bolton.

Bolton was seemed strong at his pace and had a very satisfying first half for the race.  While he was in the 6th lap he had an unfortunate crash which forced him to leave the race. He badly twisted his left thumb and ended up with strained hamstring.

Championship Class Podium – Photo By Peter Schlüter

From that on it was all about Jonny Walker and Travis Teasdale. The battle between the two was fierce till the last two laps but at that point Walker pushed hard and claimed victory by 1:21.556 clear from Travis. Jonathan Richardson was also pushed it really hard but he as the laps were counting up he felt behind the trophy tackle and finished the day with P3.

Super Enduro Junior class leader William Hoare was among the starting line up and finished the day with P4.

Post Race Comments

Jonny Walker

“I made a good start in the race and good lead. While I was going into the second lap I had a big crash and broke my throttle tube and wire in my wheel! After a couple of minutes I left, pushed hard and managed to get caught up! Made quite a few mistakes but managed to take the lead by 40 secs and win! Not an easy race and definitely worked hard for the win.”

Travis Teasdale

Not the best start of the race for me I was mid field and managed to work my way into 2nd place. I was in the lead for a while today. After refuel I managed to keep smooth and hold it in 2nd position till the end. Pushed hard and bike ran and felt good. Happy how everything worked today and feel like I am riding strong after a few weeks of good solid training.

Jonathan Richardson

Happy with how the race went. Didn’t get a great start but pushed hard and took the lead a couple of times. I became very tired towards the end due to a sickness bug I’ve had so started making silly mistakes and had no energy to stay with Jonny and Travis. It was a great race and I feel good on the bike at the moment. I’ll keep pushing and move forward with the positives.

Paul Bolton

“I have hurt my left thumb pretty bad and I thought it was broken at the time but now I think it was just twisted badly. I also strained my right hamstring. The bike was in pretty bad condition as well, rear sprocket and gear lever was broken. All in all it wasn’t one of the good days but me and my bike will live to fight another day!”


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