Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Hard/Extreme Enduro



Day 4 Mountain Race started at 09:00AM from Camyuva beach. The track was a combination of Beach-Canyon-Forest and Rocky mountain sectors for 53 kilometers.

After a hard ride towards the Mount Olympus the order to reach CP9 was Mario Roman, Wade Young and Graham Jarvis. After CP9 Mario got lost the track which caused him loosing his position to Wade but then he recovered that time and caught him. Sherco teammates fought hard through the finish line and at a technical climb Wade got stuck and Mario recovered his position back and kept it till the finish lane. After getting two consecutive P2’s at the Sea to Sky (2017&2018) Mario finally made it and won the race with only 5 seconds clear from his teammate.

Unlike the trios podium fight in 2017 Graham wasn’t close to the Shercos. Defending champion Wade Young finished with P2 and 5 time winner Graham Jarvis with P3.

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Super Enduro Final Night

X edition of Sea to Sky was the most fantastic of them all and it really enjoyed both riders and fans. The Super Enduro Final night (Friday) was an epic event and there were three different shows to entertain some ten thousand fans at the paddock area.

The night started with Super Enduro final. Jonathan Richardson, Kyle Flanagan, Matt Green and Mikkel Brade Olsen took a mass start and Jonathan got the lead straight away. He kept it till the last lap when he had an unfortunate rear tire problem which forced him to retire from the race. Kyle was really close to Jonathan and his retirement eased his way to a clear win against Matt and Mikkel. Matt Green finished with P2 and Mikkel with P3.

Podium of Super Enduro race received decent awards from the organisation.


Kyle Flanagan – Free Entrance and Accommodation for Sea to Sky 2020

Matt Green – Free Accommodation for Sea to Sky 2020

Mikkel Brade Olsen – Free Entrance for Sea to Sky 2020

After Super Enduro awards ceremony the stage was left to Adrian Guggemos for an epic trial show. His interaction with the fans were great and he really fired up the crowd especially when he jumped over five fans who volunteered for it.

Later on, the stage was left to Sergey Gusak for free style motocross show. He also attracted a lot of attention with his huge jumps with stylish moves.

The last show was a little bit crazy. A group of 4 crazy motorcyclist got themselves stuffed into a tiny cage globe and started to roll like crazy.

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