Sunday, January 23, 2022
Hard/Extreme Enduro


We have kicked off the 2022 season with an iconic French challenge this weekend, 24 MX Alestrem Hard Enduro. After missing it last year due to global pandemic restrictions we were all excited for it and the participation was huge.

Racing weekend started with the classic single track extreme test prologue and in the afternoon we jumped into Minevra Prologue. This was executed in two sessions, semi-final & final, and in the we had Alfredo Gomez on the top. The Spanish followed by his fellow countryman Mario Roman and the young Frenchman Fabien Poirot.

Xtrem Test GoPro POV With Sonny Goggia, P3
Minevra Prologue Final Podium

With all the qualifying order marked from Saturday the main event, a 3-lap extreme run, kicked off 10:00 CET in the morning.

Being one of the longest ride, +7h, of any known racing day Alestrem Hard Enduro gets tougher each lap. 3rd lap was a killer and riders had to gear up with extra lights at the last pit stop.

Mario Roman and Wade Young were leading the pack and passing each other back and forth at the 3rd lap but all of a sudden Wade Young ran out of gas and forced to stop. Mario then came to the finish line with a comfortable win and became the most winning rider of Alestrem Hard Enduro with his 3rd win.

Minevra Prologue winner Alfredo Gomez came in P2 and got a good start to the post-factory team season.

On the other hand Wade was desperate in the woods hoping a helping hand to arrive. After a 10 or more riders passed through one hero stopped and shared what has left in his tank with the help of camel back pipe. South African then continued to his race and came in P3 after Alfredo.

Xtrem Test Highlights

Main Event Top 10

Full Results!


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