Friday, November 18, 2022
Super Enduro



The race night started with Akrapovic Super Pole and the winner was Jonny Walker from KTM factory team.

Prestige class witnessed a lot of drama for Billy Bolt. He managed to take the lead at every heat but frustrating mistakes caused a GP win and overall lead to him.

It was Taddy Blazusiak’s night and he seemed really comfortable on his bike. Despite that he lost the lead several times he just did not rush and kept his head down for business. Riding without mistakes made the difference and Taddy finished the night with a stunning victory by winning every single heat. He took the lead over from Billy Bolt and will be holding the red plate for 3rd round.

Jonny Walker also spent a night with mistakes and frustration that comes along. The recovery effort that he put in the first two heat was just exhausting but still he managed to complete the podium for the night, P3.

Ty Cullins – TM Racing

Junior class also witnessed a stunning hat-trick by Ty Cullins. American already impressed with his SuperEnduro debut at Krakow but having a hat-trick at the second appearance was something else and it wasn’t an easy task for him. He had to fight hard for it even after having a bad crash he managed to continue.

Post-Race Comments

Taddy BLAZUSIAK:I think I now know the definition of a perfect night! I scored 62 points out of a possible 63. Everything went perfectly, and I really like this track. I must admit that this evening I owe a lot of my success to my starts. I have 15 years of experience and it paid off tonight. I am really happy to be back at the top of the championship. Now we have to keep this pace for the rest of the season, it won’t be easy!

Billy BOLT:I lost the red 24MX Leader Plate tonight but frankly, considering how I rode, I didn’t deserve to keep it. I made far too many mistakes and I attacked too much, I think because I really liked the track and I was excited to ride. My body will be sore tomorrow morning because that crash was a big one, but as of Monday I go back to work and aim to retake the title lead.”

Jonny WALKER:I’m angry tonight because, despite getting my first podium of the season, I think I missed an opportunity to do much better. I used a lot of energy in the first two races to try to get back on the podium. I ran out of juice in the heat. But it is reassuring all the same to see that I have the rhythm now, so I’ll hope to convert that into a victory next time out in Spain.”

Prestige Class:

Finale 1 : 1. Taddy BLAZUSIAK ; 2.Alfredo GOMEZ; 3.Jonny WALKER; 4.Billy BOLT ; 5.Pol TARRES

Finale 2 : 1. Taddy BLAZUSIAK ; 2. Billy BOLT ; 3. Jonny WALKER; 4.Blake GUTZEIT; 5. Pol TARRES
Finale 3 : 1.  Taddy BLAZUSIAK ; 2.Alfredo GOMEZ; 3.Billy BOLT ; 4. Jonny WALKER; 5. Blake GUTZEIT

Provisional classification : 1. Taddy BLAZUSIAK  117pts ; 2. Billy BOLT 106 pts ; 3. Alfredo GOMEZ 87pts ; 4.Jonny WALKER 87 pts ; 5. Blake GUTZEIT 60pts.

Junior Class  :

Finale 1 : 1. Ty CULLINS ; 2. Adrien JACON; 3.Leon HENTSCHEL; 4. Isaac DEVOULX ; 5. Dominik OLSZOWY

Finale 2 : 1. Ty CULLINS ; 2.Fabien POIROT ; 3. Leon HENTSCHEL. ; 4. Adrien JACON; 5. Dominik OLSZOWY

Finale 3 : 1. Ty CULLINS  ; 2. Leon HENTSCHEL ; 3. Fabien POIROT; 4. Adrien JACON ; 5. Teodor KABAKCHIEV.

Provisional Classification : 1. Ty CULLINS 112 pts ; 2. Leon HENTSCHEL 97 pts ; 3. Adrien JACON 82 pts ; 4.Teodor KABAKCHIEV 71pts ; 5. Isaac DEVOULX  45pts…

FIM-Europe Class: 

Finale 1: 1. Magnus THOR  ; 2. Miha SPINDLER ; 3. Pascal SPRINGMANN ; 4. Thomas SCHLEY; 5. Sonny GOGGIA

Finale 2: 1. Magnus THOR  ; 2. Sonny GOGGIA ; 3. Miha SPINDLER ; 4. Pascal SPRINGMANN ; 5. Kacper BAKLARZ

Provisional Classification: 1. Magnus THOR 69 pts  ; 2.Sonny GOGGIA 65 pts ; 3. Miha SPINDLER 51 pts; 4 Pascal SPRINGMANN 50 pts; Alessandro AZZALINI 37 pts

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