Sunday, October 3, 2021
EnduroHard/Extreme Enduro


After battling for two days it was finally the day of the Lost Way. Because it rained heavily over night we woke up to a chilly day with a lot of questions in mind about the tricky sectors.

The race started 11:00 CET with a Le Mans style routine for the first row. The two and a half hour challenge started with a carnage in the cave. It was Wade Young and Billy Bolt who led the early bits. Manuel Lettenbichler and Alfredo Gomez also found their pace and joined to the leading party before long.

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Today was all bout Alfredo and he completely controlled the pace by having a flawless ride. After getting the lead early he pushed it hard and made a great job while lapping back markers during technical sectors. He once stretched the gap with Billy to nearly 4 minutes. After having a tough season the man was emotional at the finish line and enjoyed it a lot.

Billy Bolt on the other hand was back to back with his championship rival Manuel. This was changed when we entered the last hour of the race after Billy’s charge over Alfredo. Billy pushed towards the end and reduced the difference under 1 minute. He than made a simple mistake at a hill and couldn’t get through back markers fast enough when he needed.

The shocking news of the race was to heard the Jonny Walker was disqualified from the race. He learned the news when he had to make an extra pit due to radiator failure. Walker wasn’t happy with the claim and didn’t loose any time. He kept racing and had the P4 on the track but couldn’t prevent disqualification.

The action will move to Germany at the end of October for GetzenRodeo.

Photo Credit – Future7Media

Results – Round 7: 24MX Hixpania Hard Enduro

1. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 2:35:49.125
2. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) 2:37:04.784
3. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) 2:39:45.529
4. Mario Roman (Sherco) 2:45:59.409
5. Wade Young (Sherco + 2 laps
6. Michael Walkner (GASGAS) +3 laps
7. Jonathan Richardson (Husqvarna) +4 laps
8. Teodor Kabakchiev (Husqvarna) +4 laps
9. Matthew Green (GASGAS) +4 laps
10. Sonny Goggia (GASGAS) +4 laps

Championship Standings (After round 7)

1. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) 87pts
2. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) 84pts
3. Wade Young (Sherco) 71pts
4. Mario Roman (Sherco) 61pts
5. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 53pts
6. Jonny Walker (Beta) 44pts
7. Michael Walkner (GASGAS) 38pts
8. Teodor Kabakchiev (Husqvarna) 29pts
9. Taddy Blazusiak (GASGAS) 26pts
10. Dominik Olszowy (Husqvarna) 24pts

2021 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship calendar

Round 1: Extreme XL Lagares – Portugal, May 7/8/9
Round 2: Red Bull Erzbergrodeo – Austria, June 3/4/5/6
Round 3: Abestone Hard Enduro – Italy, July 10/11
Round 4: Red Bull Romaniacs – Romania, July 27/28/29/30/31
Round 5: Red Bull TKO – USA, August 13/14/15
Round 6: HERO Challenge – Poland, September 11/12
Round 7: Hixpania Hard Enduro – Spain, October 1/2/3

Round 8: GetzenRodeo – Germany, October 30

Day 2 Campoo X-treme Highlights

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